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Installation and Startup


1. General
  1. Applications Manager displays "Enter a proper Manageengine license file" during installation. 
  2. I started the Applications Manager, but it quits stating "Port :9090 needed by Applications Manager is being used by some other application. Please free the port and restart Applications Manager."
  3. If Applications Manager is installed in a directory that contains non-english characters then product is not getting started.
  4. When I try to start Applications Manager, it says ' Applications Manager is already running'. This happens even after, I have verified that Applications Manager is not running.
  5. If you get the message "The server is currently starting up. This page will reload itself in 30 seconds, or you can click here to reload it now to display the login page. If this problem persists, please refer the troubleshooting section"
  6. When I try to access Applications Manager web client, I am getting the error "The Page cannot be displayed". I am not able to access any page in Applications Manager.
  7. I am not able to perform any activity in Applications Manager Web Client. Why?
  8. Clicking on any link in Applications Manager goes back to Login Screen
  9. Applications Manager's time is different from my local time. How to reset it to my time?
  10. Where do I find the log files that I need to send to technical support team for analysis?
  11. How do I migrate Applications Manager installed in one machine to a different machine?
  12. I get PostgreSQL initialize Failed error in AppManagerHome\pgsqlerr.txt file during startup, how I can fix this ?
2. Windows
3. Linux
  1. While installing the bin files in Linux machines, the installation program quits abruptly without any message.
  2. Silent Installation of Applications Manager in linux
  3. After running 'startApplicationsManager.sh', an error message "Failed to establish connection with web server. Gracefully shutting down Applications Manager" is shown.
  4. Having problems while starting Applications Manager in Debian machines.
  5. When trying to connect to the web client using http://hostname:9090, I get "Forbidden. You don't have permission to access / on this server." message. I've installed the product under /root.
  6. When the Server is started in Linux Machines with root user and then when it is restarted as normal user, the Server doesn't get started.
  7. In Linux, under Reports tab, I try to check the health details of all monitors. I get the following Java Exception: ErrorDispatcherValve[localhost]: Exception Processing ErrorPage[exceptionType=java.lang.Throwable, location=/jsp/ErrorPage.jsp] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  8. The linux installation stops abruptly within a few seconds.
  9. New installation with pgsql backend does not start, logs show "could not bind IPv6 socket: Cannot assign requested address" ?

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