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manually uninstall Applications Manager


How can I manually uninstall Applications Manager?

Applications Manager installed in Windows servers (works in Windows Professional / XP / 2000 / 2003 /2008 / Vista/ Win 7)
  • Shut Down Applications Manager (Make sure the service is stopped if installed as a service)
  • Start command prompt as an administrator [cmd > right click --> run as administrator] Click here to see the screenshot.
  • Go to AppManager home directory ( by default C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\AppManager\ ) and execute the below command,
           shutdownApplicationsManager.bat -force
  • Click on the windows Start button-> Run -> regedit. Then in the Registry Editor, go to
           HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Uninstall (For a 64 bit machine, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Uninstall)
    Delete the entry {e6aea16f-0377-42b0-b4eb-7fa3dbbfdfaf}. If that key is not present, check and delete the keys which start like
           Profxxxxx - Found for professional edition (standalone installation)
           AAMxxxxx - Found for Admin Server (Enterprise Edition)
          MASxxxxx - Found For Managed Server (Enterprise Edition)
    (when you click on the entries, you will see for the DisplayName key value as ManageEngine Applications Manager).
  • Delete the directory which has the same name as the above entry in the
          "C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\" directory
     ( for a 64 bit machine, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information directory )
  • If Applications Manager is installed as service, uninstall the service first by executing the AppManager_home\bin\uninstallService.bat file
  • Delete from the start menu options by right clicking on
          Start -> All Programs -> ManageEngine Applications Manager xx and choosing the delete option
  • Delete all the files present under the AppManager_home directory 

Applications Manager installed on Linux servers

For Linux you can try the below steps to remove Applications Manager.

1. From the command line, go to Applications Manager Home directory ( by default it is /opt/ManageEngine/AppManager ) and execute the below commands
      sh shutdownApplicationsManager.sh
      sh shutdownApplicationsManager.sh  -force
2. Exit out of the command prompt and close all files, folders opened in the Applications Manager Home directory
3. Execute the command ./uninstaller.bin from the AppManager/_uninst directory
4. If there is any issue still due to permission problem or any files still locked then run below command to make sure all process are killed from the /opt/ManageEngine/AppManager location
    ps -auxwwwwwww|grep working|grep \`pwd\`|grep java|awk '{system("kill -9 "$2)}'
    ps -auxwwwwwww|grep working|grep \`pwd\`|grep mysql|awk '{system("kill -9 "$2)}'
    rm -rf ./working/mysql/mysql.sock

5. Delete all the files present under the Applications Manager Home directory ( by default it is /opt/ManageEngine/AppManager )

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